Drink Daily Madhufarms Fresh milk , That Keeps You Fit Physically And Mentally

Because of the high standards of hygiene and quality control, Madhufarms fresh milk is best cow milk in every way

  • No hormones are used.
  • Unprocessed whole milk no powder added.
  • We ensure the right balance of nutrition to every cow. Fresh seasonal crop maize, berseem, bazra even like carrot, methi, spinach, and musturd & oat grass Is given to Our cows to make them healthier thus milk is rich in tastes and minerals & vitamins.
  • We deliver fresh milk at your doorstep within few ours of milking.
  • Our Cows are fed on Natural & Organic green fodder which are Grown at our Own farms..
  • At our farm Proper care is taken of our Herd so they produce better, healthy and wholesome milk.
  • Milk is fresh and pure, chilled to 4 degrees to stop the growth of unwanted bacteria and preserve goodness of the milk.

Milk Myth

The concept of buying and selling milk in India is based on fat. As brand “A” becomes “A Gold”, it becomes more expensive only because of higher fat content, without any emphasis on added nutritional value.

Our Speciality

In our farms we focus on quality of milk not on quantity, we do not focus how to make milk cheaper.

  • Our milk is natural & pure and from the stress-free cows, our farm is located between Ghaghara river (Saryu Ji) and Kunteswar Mahadev temple located 75 Km from Lucknow, with acres of open land, most comfortable environment for the cows, the freshness and the feel of closeness to nature cannot be describe in words.
  • Madhufarms fresh milk goes from cow to the bottle to you. Other milk may be pasteurised (Cooked), Homogenised (Processed so the cream won’t rise to the top), adulterated with synthetic and other additives (Caustic soda, Urea, Refined oil etc) which are hazardous to our health.
  • We produce, bottle and market the milk ourselves, so we have control over every step of the process.
  • we treat our cows with Traditional ways of Compassion, kindness and respect. We consider them as our MOMS.
  • we use environmental friendly dairying method and our milk comes in returnable glass bottle which never need to go to the landfill. .
  • 100 % fresh, clean, natural, Pure and premium quality wholesome milk guaranteed.
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