In Madhufarms we are committed to international standard of product quality. Madhufarms is a perfect blend of traditional Gaopalan with modern technology, to ensure highest quality of natural milk, Madhufarms fresh milk is first-of-its-kind, superior farm to home milk. Madhufarms fresh milk is Natural , Pure , Fresh , Hygienic and Organic fed cow’s milk is delivered Directly to our Consumers. Also we do not do any kind of processing to retain vitamins and minerals naturally present in the milk. We are here to provide good quality farm fresh raw milk. We insure that our milk does not have presence of any harmful substance which are widely present in our daily food Items. We conduct strict quality test, to ensure that there are no traces of any pesticides, chemical/preservative in our product.


We have been farming for over 5th generations and” we love what we do”. We have rediscovered something which most of us have long forgotten, that the very best food in the world come straight from the nature to Our plate. Our herd Is happy and healthy cows Who, graze on hay, forage and rich organic green fodder grown at our farms, result is all natural and wholesome tastier milk.

Be Part of our family If you are interested in trying out our farm fresh cow milk. Please get in touch we will happy to help you.

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